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2023: The Year of Glory! Step into it today!

As I was waking up on September 4, 2022, the Lord spoke to me in a BOOMING AUTHORITY: "2023: The Year of GLORY!"

Glory has always caught my attention in the Bible. I remember a story from Br. Hagin where he would keep a list of scriptures about the Glory in his bible. From time to time, the Holy Spirit would direct him to pull out that list & start reading about the glory. He said he never got through the list! As he just spoke out the scriptures about the glory, the glory would start to fall & before long the meeting would be saturated with it! :raised_hands::tone_medium_light: 

Moses asked to see the glory.
God didn't zap him!
God didn't shut him down!
God said "I will cause ALL my GOODNESS to pass before you"!!

This is that year!
This is YOUR time for the GLORY!
God has a plan for His GLORIOUS CHURCH! :fire: 
Lets decide to reach out & take hold of it today!
Lets never let go of the GLORY from this day forward!!

He is coming for a GLORIOUS CHURCH!

Lets get in position today! It's TIME!

Love you all,

Here are a couple of messages you surely want to have in your spirit about the GLORY!
2023: The Year of Glory!
It’s TIME For The Glory!

It’s YOUR Year of Increase!

The Lord spoke to us early in the year that this would be a YEAR OF INCREASE for us! We have already seen hundreds of thousands of extra finances in the lives of our members, attenders & partners!

It's time for us to get our faith & expectation UP & ready to receive the abundance God has for us for every good work!

May INCREASE BE & abound in your life in every area!

Love you guys!



Hello Boomerangians!

We just finished what most of the world would say was their hardest year ever, but you truly walked in victory! I am SO pleased with you all! Boomerang Church had its best year yet!

Nicole & I are SO excited & expectant to see this year be even better for you & your families!

We love you so much!

May peace, grace & mercy be multiplied to you in the year of VICTORY in Twenty-Twenty-WON!




Thank you ALL!

Hello everyone!

So it's Saturday night before Resurrection Day.

I just got a report about what has happened today at the new church. Nicole & I are simply overwhelmed with joy!
Over the past few weeks, you guys have:

  1. pulled off a first time event with over 50 lives changed
  2. packed up the whole church in a matter of days (just WOW!)
  3. cleaned the new church & greatly prepared it for a huge opening service
  4. all while fasting & praying for the transition
  5. AND maintained love thru it all!

Needless to say, Nicole & I are speechless & in tears as we dwell on what God has done & is doing through you & Boomerang!

The best is just starting now! We look forward to all that God has for you!

-bryan & nicole